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  • Experienced – In business since 2002
  • Trusted – Highest Number of Angie’s List reviews of anyone in Northern Va
  • Fast service – Often done within 24 hours of your phone call
  • Safe Techniques used for your flowers and plants


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    Roof Cleaning Fairfax County, Arlington, and Alexandria

    • Remove Algae which reduces the life of your asphalt shingles
    • Improve the Curbside look of your home
    • Higher re-sale value when selling
    • Save $ on a roof replacement

    Many people don’t realize that moss and algae are actually feeding on the limestone in your shingles. Thats right, moss and algae eat your roof! EcoTek has the experience you need to kill the moss and algae not only for a better looking roof, but to extend the life of your asphalt shingles. For a roof cleaning in northern virginia, we guarantee your satisfaction. Serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax.

    A picture of graphite and graphic art being erased by power washing company. The location of the picture is Fairfax county, Northern Virginia near Arlington

    Power Washing Company Arlington and Fairfax

    We get around. We are probably right around the corner working on another home. If you need a free estimate, call us or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you about scheduling a power washing for your house.

    Roof Cleaning

    Why do you need it? You wash your car, why not wash your home. Ecotek has the experience you need to extend the life of your shingles, and make your home look good again. A little Soft Washing and we will have your roof looking good as new.

    Soft Washing

    We are a nationally certified “Soft Wash” Power Washing Company. Everything we do for your siding washing and roof cleaning is in your best interests, not in the interests of getting a job done quickly.

    Power Washing Company Northern Virginia

    We cover all of Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington, so for a free estimate or just an over the phone consult, call us today or fill out our contact form.

    Call for a FREE ESTIMATE: 804-324-3660