Fall in Love with Arlington Virginia!

Arlington Virginia is known for its history! It’s full of memorials, museums, and dedications to significant US people and events. But a history lesson isn’t all this county has to offer. Ranked as the #1 city to live in America (even though it’s not technically a city), there are many reasons to fall in love with Arlington. Here are just a few of them.

Discover Arlington’s Art Galleries

Arlington might not seem like the happening spot for artists to showcase their work, but you might be surprised to learn just how much this county loves its creatives! The Arlington Arts Center shows off the work of local artists. They even offer classes for people of all ages and abilities, helping the community to connect with contemporary art.

Are there any famous artists here? Definitely. Pakan Penn has created pieces for Barak Obama, Anoush Ansari (the first female space explorer), and the Japanese ambassador to the United States. And this is the home he chose to display his beautiful collections.

Are you an artist or an art enthusiast? We wrote a guide just for you! It’ll help you discover the four best art galleries in the area.

Golfing in Arlington

Golf lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Arlington is a hot spot for every kind of golf you can think of. Traditional golf, disc golf, even footgolf are among the many things you can do for fun here.

If you prefer a private course with a more upscale experience, you won’t want to miss the Washington Golf and Country Club. This golf club was the playground of choice for several US presidents. They offer many amenities and luxuries to their members.

If you’re more of a disc golf person, Bluemont has a free 9-hole course where you can bring your own frisbees. The course is designed so you can play at the beginner level or expert level if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

Pinecrest offers a great footgolf course if you want to try something different. Isn’t that just soccer? Actually, no. Footgolf is played with the same structure and scoring as traditional golf. The difference is that the holes are shorter, you use a soccer ball instead of a golf a ball, and your goal is to kick the ball into the hole in as few kicks as possible.

So are you curious? Want to test out some of these courses? Here’s a curated list of our best golf courses just for you!

Fall in Love with Our Favorite County

We love Arlington. And we know you will too! Whether you’re just stopping by for a visit, or your thinking of moving to this great county, we hope you enjoy everything it has to offer. Fair warning, though: History buffs, art enthusiasts, and golf lovers might never want to leave! So if that sounds like you, you might want to bring all of your stuff… Just in case.