Discover the 4 Best Art Galleries in Arlington

Do you love discovering local artists? Arlington is full of creative and artistic people. Their pieces have much to say. This list of the four best art galleries in Arlington can act as a map for your explorations.

The Arlington Art Center

The Arlington Art Center displays contemporary works by regional artists. Located in the historic Maury School Building, the AAC has 9 galleries, three classrooms, and studios for 12 artists to create their pieces. Their mission is to help the public connect with contemporary art with the purpose of enriching the community. The AAC offers classes for toddlers and caregivers, teens, and adults. You can learn to draw, paint, work with clay, create a collage, and more!

The Gallery Underground in Arlington

The Gallery Underground is where members of the Arlington Artists Alliance love to show their work! The Arlington Artists Alliance was created to support local artists regardless of their preferred medium or style. They also partner with art lovers, enthusiasts, and local businesses. They display their best pieces at the Gallery Underground.

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art displays a wide range of mediums and styles by local artists. Its goal is to provide a space where relationships between artists and the community can grow and thrive. This gallery is brought to you by the Fred Schnider Investment Group. Their past displays have included A Broader Sense of Place by Sam Kittner, Out of My Mind by David Carlson, and Escape Velocity by Chee Keong-Kung. The passion of these artists is displayed, not only in their pieces, but also in their words.

“The finished work is not so much a goal, but rather a pictorial accumulation of intention, curiosity and happenstance. Very often, the most satisfying pieces are those that end up in entirely unexpected places. Part of the allure of painting is finding places that I do not already know…” – Chee-Keong Kung

“Like an improvisational jazz musician, I work spontaneously, playing with space and seeking new ways to experiment with color and texture. I am always seeking new solutions to reach a satisfactory composition, remembering that what is not there is as important as what is there.” – Judy Bass

The Pakan Penn Fine Art Gallery

The Pakan Penn Fine Art Gallery features art from only one artist, Pakan Penn himself. Pakan has created stunning pieces for high-profile clients like Barak Obama, Anousheh Ansari (the first female space explorer), and the Japanese ambassador to the United States. His captivating paintings combine multiple styles like abstract, impressionism, and realism. Born and raised in Cambodia, and with years of experience and travel, a lot of the emotion from his art is drawn from his life.

With these galleries, you’ll enjoy your Arlington art journey, and maybe even find a new favorite artist! Are you getting hungry after all that exploring? Check out our post on the seven best restaurants in Arlington! With so much culinary variety, you’re sure to find something you love.

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