The 5 Best Arlington Parks and Recreation Areas

Do you need to unwind with a basketball game after work? Are you looking for a fun place to take the kids? Arlington parks and recreation areas won’t disappoint!

Recreation Areas in Arlington Have Lots of Amenities

Long Bridge Park boasts over 30 acres of open space for you and your family to enjoy. It has three large fields, well-lit, and designed for a variety of sports. So if you enjoy soccer, baseball, football, or another field sport, this park is a great place to enjoy with a group of local friends. And if you’re not big into sports, Long Bridge still has something for you. With a network of walkways, you can enjoy the great outdoors without breaking a sweat. Along these walkways you’ll come to an overlook where you can see the capital monuments, you’ll get to enjoy art by Doug Hollis, and tour some beautiful gardens. If you have little ones, they’ll love the playgrounds and interactive fog area.

Virginia Highlands Park is full of fun for adults and kids alike! On a hot day, kids can cool off on the sprayground. What’s a sprayground? It’s a playground where water is sprayed from ground sprays and upright structures and then quickly drained, leaving little to no standing water. In this environment, your kids can cool off and have fun without the dangers of a deep pool. But grown-ups need some chill time too. What does Virginia Highlands Park have to offer? Everything from volleyball courts, to basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and LOTS of tennis courts! Although walk-ons are accepted, you can also reserve a baseball diamond, basketball court, picnic shelter, etc. for you the enjoyment of your party. So you won’t have to worry if a court will be available when you get there.

For a more typical park experience, visit the Lubber Run Park. This park creates a peaceful environment with a trickling creek, paved paths, and nature trails. If you need some fresh air surrounded by greenery, Lubber Run is the place for you. You can spend time with your family and friends at the picnic shelters, fire up the charcoal grills and enjoy some burgers, or just sit back and take everything in under the shade of a beautiful gazebo. For something a little extra, a small amphitheater in the park provides a great place for local entertainment!

Parks in Arlington That Your Dog Will Love

Towers Park is a place you, your kids, and your dog can all enjoy! The dog park in Towers has a variety of puppies and dogs of all different breeds. Visitors have commented on the very-well behaved dogs and their kind, attentive owners. Looking for a place to play tennis or basketball after work? Some visitors have said that the lighted tennis and basketball courts are perfect even after the sun goes down. Although kids love the playgrounds, Towers is renovating them to make them even better!

For a park with a fun and unique look, visit Fort Barnard Park. The playground has a “fort” theme, adding to the imaginative adventures your kids can have. One of the stars of the park is a fun custom mosaic. With a hopscotch area, picnic shelters, and a dog park across the street, your family won’t get bored here. Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity for yourself or your family? The community garden at Fort Barnard provides fresh fruits and veggies to families in need and welcomes help from locals.

Enjoy exploring some of Arlington’s best parks and recreation areas! Eager for some more adventures in Arlington? Discover the fairs, festivals, and annual events Arlington has to offer in our next post.

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