Why Arlington is the “Best City to Live in America”

According to Niche.com, Arlington has ranked number 1 of the best cities to live in America since 2016! It has also ranked number 3 of the best cities to raise a family in America, and number 5 of the best cities for young professionals in America. So what is it about Arlington that makes it the best city to live in America?

The website bases its rankings on crime rates, the quality of public schools, job opportunities, cost of living, and the variety of amenities.

What’s so Great About Arlington’s Public Schools?

“Arlington is a very safe area to live in, and the people here are very nice and welcoming. The Arlington Public Schools give students so many opportunities so that they can succeed, with well-equipped teachers.” – Current Arlington Resident

Many parents are excited to learn that Arlington public schools have a 15 to 1 student-teacher ratio. The small class size ensures that your child gets the attention, help, and encouragement they need to succeed. With its high state test scores, Arlington public schools help kids become voracious readers! Here a list of Arlington’s great schools!

Elementary Schools:

  • Abingdon
  • Arlington Science Focus
  • Arlington Traditional
  • Ashlawn
  • Barcroft
  • Montessori Public School of Arlington
  • Randolph
  • Barrett
  • Campbell
  • Carlin Springs
  • Claremont Immersion
  • Discovery
  • Nottingham
  • Oakridge
  • Taylor
  • McKinley
  • Drew
  • Alice West Fleet
  • Glebe
  • Hoffman-Boston
  • Jamestown
  • Key Immersion
  • Tuckahoe
  • Long Branch

Middle Schools

  • Dorothy Hamm
  • Gunston
  • H-B Woodlawn
  • Jefferson
  • Kenmore
  • Swanson
  • Williamsburg

High Schools/Secondary Schools

  • Arlington Community
  • H-B Woodlawn
  • Wakefield
  • Washington-Liberty
  • Yorktown

Other Educational Programs

What Kinds of Jobs are Available in Arlington?

“Also great location for “knowledge workers,” it’s an employee’s market (employers will compete for you), and national conferences, certification boot camps, industry clubs, and endless choices for happy hour within walking distance or a brief Metro trip, easy commute to/from DC via Metro, bus trips to NYC, etc.” – Current Arlington Resident

There are plenty of jobs to go around in Arlington, Virginia. About a third of these are government jobs. The US Marine Headquarters and the Pentagon are in Arlington, creating an atmosphere where leadership thrives. There are many opportunities to expand and grow your career with big-name companies like Rosetta Stone, Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg, Deloitte, and many others that call Arlington home. Here are some companies you might enjoy working with.

  • Interstate Resources
  • High Sierra Pools
  • The AES
  • Stouffer’s
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Air National Guard
  • Pacific Architects and Engineers
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Evolent Health
  • Virginia Hospital Center
  • Navy League of the United States
  • Scheduled Airlines Traffic Offices
  • AFSC/Magellan Federal
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  • Avalonbay Communities
  • NAMI
  • American Diabetes Association
  • CACI International

Arlington – The Best City to Live in America

“Arlington is a fantastic city with access to DC as well as the urban suburbs. Tons of places and history to explore. Was stationed here for 4 years and I don’t think we even got halfway through seeing the whole city.” – Current Arlington Resident

Arlington is full of art, history, culture, and fun! Not to mention, the opportunities to expand your career and the quiet neighborhoods where you can raise a family. Whatever reason you may have for moving to Arlington, you won’t regret moving to the best city to live in America!

What neighborhood in Arlington is right for you? Find out in our next post!

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Discover the 4 Best Art Galleries in Arlington

Do you love discovering local artists? Arlington is full of creative and artistic people. Their pieces have much to say. This list of the four best art galleries in Arlington can act as a map for your explorations.

The Arlington Art Center

The Arlington Art Center displays contemporary works by regional artists. Located in the historic Maury School Building, the AAC has 9 galleries, three classrooms, and studios for 12 artists to create their pieces. Their mission is to help the public connect with contemporary art with the purpose of enriching the community. The AAC offers classes for toddlers and caregivers, teens, and adults. You can learn to draw, paint, work with clay, create a collage, and more!

The Gallery Underground in Arlington

The Gallery Underground is where members of the Arlington Artists Alliance love to show their work! The Arlington Artists Alliance was created to support local artists regardless of their preferred medium or style. They also partner with art lovers, enthusiasts, and local businesses. They display their best pieces at the Gallery Underground.

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art displays a wide range of mediums and styles by local artists. Its goal is to provide a space where relationships between artists and the community can grow and thrive. This gallery is brought to you by the Fred Schnider Investment Group. Their past displays have included A Broader Sense of Place by Sam Kittner, Out of My Mind by David Carlson, and Escape Velocity by Chee Keong-Kung. The passion of these artists is displayed, not only in their pieces, but also in their words.

“The finished work is not so much a goal, but rather a pictorial accumulation of intention, curiosity and happenstance. Very often, the most satisfying pieces are those that end up in entirely unexpected places. Part of the allure of painting is finding places that I do not already know…” – Chee-Keong Kung

“Like an improvisational jazz musician, I work spontaneously, playing with space and seeking new ways to experiment with color and texture. I am always seeking new solutions to reach a satisfactory composition, remembering that what is not there is as important as what is there.” – Judy Bass

The Pakan Penn Fine Art Gallery

The Pakan Penn Fine Art Gallery features art from only one artist, Pakan Penn himself. Pakan has created stunning pieces for high-profile clients like Barak Obama, Anousheh Ansari (the first female space explorer), and the Japanese ambassador to the United States. His captivating paintings combine multiple styles like abstract, impressionism, and realism. Born and raised in Cambodia, and with years of experience and travel, a lot of the emotion from his art is drawn from his life.

With these galleries, you’ll enjoy your Arlington art journey, and maybe even find a new favorite artist! Are you getting hungry after all that exploring? Check out our post on the seven best restaurants in Arlington! With so much culinary variety, you’re sure to find something you love.

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The 3 Best Golf Courses in Arlington VA

Do you like golfing on public courses or private ones? Do you enjoy traditional golf or are you a fan of disc golf and other golf off-shoots? Whatever golfing preferences you have, Arlington has a fun golfing experience for you.

They say that golf builds character. It’s such a challenging game that it often teaches players to handle failure well and display patience. Many players are drawn to the quiet concentration that the game requires. Instead of discouraging them, the more challenging courses are what they’re drawn to. If that’s your kind of game, this list is for you. Enjoy the best golf courses that Arlington has to offer!

The Washington Golf and Country Club of Arlington

The Washington Golf and Country Club is known as “the chosen playground of presidents.” If you decide to become a member, you’ll be in good company as Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, and Calvin Coolidge were all members of the club. Club amenities include:

  • 6,300 yards of green
  • Practice facility
  • State of the art fitness center
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis
  • Outside swimming pool

Bluemont Park Disc Golf Course in Arlington

If you feel more comfortable with a frisbee in your hands than a golf club, Bluemont Park Disc Golf Course is the place for you. The course is free to use and includes a creek, hills, and tight fairways. So you definitely won’t get bored! It’s a 9-hole course and each hole can be played in several different ways. It can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be.

The Army Navy Country Club

If you’re looking for a private, luxurious golf experience, look no further than the Army Navy Country Club. Established in 1924, their facility sits on 500 acres of land. The ANCC provides the following amenities:

  • 54 championship golf holes
  • 14 outdoor tennis courts
  • 6 indoor tennis courts
  • Junior training facility for ages 10 and under
  • 6 pools (includes an outdoor Olympic-sized pool)
  • 2 Clubhouses with views of the Washington Monument
  • Fitness center
  • Saunas and steam rooms

The ANCC has won multiple awards. Some of their awards include:

  • Platinum Club of America (2014 – 2020)
  • LEED Silver (The ANCC is the only country club in America with this award)
  • USTA Facility of the Year and Green Facility of the Year in 2014
  • 2019 Certification of Fairfax Golf Course

BONUS: Pinecrest Golf Course

Located in nearby Alexandria, Pinecrest Golf Course distinguishes itself by being the only FootGolf facility in Fairfax County. What is FootGolf? It’s a unique combination of golf and soccer. The scoring and structure of FootGolf is similar to that of traditional golf. But soccer balls are used instead of golf balls. The holes are shorter. And, instead of using clubs, players kick the ball into the hole. The goal is to kick the ball into the hole with as few kicks as possible.

But Pinecrest Golf Course also offers tradtional golf courses. They even help educate golfers. At the Pinecrest Golf Academy they offer classes, camps, group and private lessons for all ages and skill levels. These classes are taught by Golf Professionals certified by the U.S. Golf Teachers Federation. Here’s what their educational programs include:

  • Indoor practice bays
  • Teaching bay for electronic swing analysis
  • Indoor Golf Simulator
  • Natural light and updated lighting
  • Individual and group instruction

Golfing is a beloved sport in Arlington. If you love traditional golf, disc golf, or even FootGolf, Arlington has something for you.

If you prefer art exploration to golf, check out the four best art galleries in Arlington in our next post.

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5 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Arlington Virginia

Whether by bike, on foot, or on a boat, Arlington is a beautiful place to explore! So if you’re itching to explore the great outdoors in Arlington, here’s a list of 10 great ways to scratch that itch.

Public Art Projects in Arlington

Arlington is home to more than 60 permanent public art projects! The mediums used to create these works of art include oil and canvas, film, stainless steel, LED lights, Kebony wood, carved rocks, and even Japanese porcelain mosaic tiles. The complete list of Arlington’s permanent public art projects includes the artists, the mediums, and where to find these pieces.

Hybrid Pedals of Arlington and DC

At Hybrid Pedals, you can rent an e-bike on your own or sign up for a guided e-bike tour. E-bikes, or electric bikes, are just like regular bikes, but with the addition of a motor, battery, and controller. It makes tackling hills a lot easier! An e-bike rental includes:

  • Training
  • Locks
  • Helmets
  • Lights
  • Map
  • Charger

Hybrid Pedals also offers to deliver the bikes to your location for an extra fee!

Columbia Island Marina in the Virginia Commonwealth

If you prefer to be out on the water, we have the place for you! Columbia Island Marina is not just a good home for your boat, it’s also a place where you can rent paddleboards and kayaks for a reasonable price.


Single Kayak $16/hour

Double Kayak $22/hour (2 adults, 1 small child)

Paddleboard $22/hour

The View of DC Observation Deck

The View of DC Observation Deck offers a beautiful elevated view of the city. They host large events. But if you just want to get a glimpse of DC, Arlington city residents get in for free!

Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating in Arlington

If you love strapping on a pair of skates and gliding across the ice, Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating is the place for you. You can even reserve the rink for special occasions and they’ll have a dedicated host to take care of your needs.



Children 12 and under-$7

Senior Citizens 55 and up-$7

Skate Rentals Figure or Hockey-$3

So if you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors in Arlington, Virginia, here are five ideas to get you started! Do you prefer golfing? Check out our next article to find the three best golf courses in Arlington.

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How Bad is Coronavirus COVID-19 in Arlington, Virginia?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping the nation, it’s become a factor in our daily lives. The first cases in Virginia started cropping up in late March of this year. These days, we find ourselves asking questions like: How bad is the coronavirus in Arlington? How can I protect myself and my family? Where can I get tested for COVID-19? Though we don’t want to panic or be overly stressed, it’s good to keep updated on basic information about the virus.

How Bad is the Coronavirus in Arlington?

Government officials and healthcare professionals have been carefully tracking the progress of the virus in Arlington. After much consideration, it was decided that Arlington was ready to enter Phase 3 of reopening on July 1st. What does that mean for you?

Arlington is continuing to recommend that people stay at home as much as possible, especially if you’re at a higher risk of contracting the virus. But what about when doing necessary errands like going to the grocery store? In indoor public areas, face coverings are required. And businesses must comply with the new standards of frequent cleaning and social distancing. If they follow these rules, fitness centers can open their indoor areas with 75% occupancy. And recreation centers and entertainment venues can operate at 50% occupancy, maxing out at 1,000 people. If you want to know exactly what these businesses are required to do, check out the Forward Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines. With Phase 3, the maximum number of people allowed at social gatherings has increased from 50 to 250.

What Businesses are Now Open During Phase 3?

Many people have been struggling to stay active and keep their kids active while confined to their homes. On July 10th, select gyms, playgrounds, and outdoor restrooms were reopened! Though social distancing is still a must, staying active has been made a little easier in Arlington, VA.

The Parks and Rec department has worked hard to create 171 free programs in the park for the community! These programs are fun and appropriate for all ages. For those who have greater health risks or just prefer to stay at home, the Parks and Rec department has also created a variety of virtual programs! There’s something for everyone.

How Can You and Your Family Stay Safe?

Here are recommendations from the World Health Organization on how best to protect yourself and your family.

  • Stay home as much as possible and self-isolate if you have any symptoms of the virus (even if they seem minor).
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Practice good social distancing and avoid crowded areas completely if possible.
  • If you have difficulty breathing, a cough, or a fever, seek medical attention immediately. Call ahead and follow the directions that the healthcare professionals provide.

Where Can I Get Tested?

There are two kinds of COVID-19 testing available:

  • A viral test tells you if you are currently infected
  • An antibody test tells if you were infected in the past

You can get tested through private/commercial lab testing or public health testing. The Arlington Free Clinic offers free testing, using the Arlington Mill Community Center as a walk-up sample collection site.

We hope this information helps your family to stay safe and healthy! If your feeling cooped up in your home, our next article lists several ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Arlington. But remember to keep a safe distance from others!

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