Why Choose Professional Power Washing Arlington Virginia

Why Choose Professional Power Washing in Arlington Virginia:

When it comes to house projects we all just initially want to do them ourselves. Time after time though, we may start to realize that we need the professionals help.

What is Power Washing and Soft Washing?:

We use an upscale, professional grade power washer to pressurize water, using it on just about any surface. Some places really need or can handle more pressure so we make sure to adjust the needed pressure for the task. We also use a variety of different sized nozzles to ensure that we are being as efficient and safe as possible. But vinyl siding and near windows needs a more gentle approach, so using the same powerful machines, we spread out the power over many feet, so we can be done your home fast, while barely hitting your house with any psi from the pressure washing wand.

When misused you can really do some damage to your home and it’s surroundings, which is why we recommend leaving this task to those who are trained and insured in this profession.

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The Benefits:

Everyone has their own opinion about power washing. We have found that the majority of people love it and the other small percentile of people are just the ones who haven’t tried it yet. We are confident you will not be disappointed in the results. With the right equipment and knowledge of using a power washer, even the most difficult stains can and will be removed from your siding or roof cleaning.

We all know when it comes to spring cleaning you tend to notice some areas that over the years have collected quite the amount of dirt. But, when you choose to power wash, those small crevices that cannot be reached by tool or hand will be blasted out by the right amount of pressure! Also what many people think is dirt, may actually be mold and algae, especially if it forms on the north side, or less sunny side of your house or roof. This mold will prematurely age your roof, and just makes the siding look bad and may pose a allergen response, especially in children who play outside near the home.

Hiring the Professionals:

There is a few benefits of handling the power washer yourself and trying to accomplish the job on your own. Then, when we start to think of safety, time, and quality- we realize just how much easier it would be to leave this project for the professionals to take care of.

When you use a power washer, the pressure that fires out is so powerful, if used improperly and misdirected it could actually damage the skin in an instant. Bruises and eye injuries are also very common.

Power washers really are not the hardest thing to figure out how to use, but the time invested in researching a good quality one, and effectively using it can be very time consuming.

If you happen to be in this predicament, give us a call. Our company, EcoTek Power Washing of Arlington Virginia is reliable, quick, and extremely efficient. Our goal is to provide high quality professional service at an affordable rate. We want to make it possible so everyone can receive the much needed “TLC” for their homes. Call us for a free estimate, you won’t be disappointed!

Your clean is our reputation!

7 Things To Remember When Hiring a Power Washing Company:

7 Things To Remember When Hiring a Power Washing Company in Arlington

It’s getting to that time of year and you know you want to spruce up the exterior of your house. The thought of possibly having to go outside and scrub your siding and/or deck and doing it by yourself seems daunting. What better way to solve the problem and a hire a trustworthy power washing company to come and get the grunt work done for you. But first, there’s a few things we all need to remember before hiring the first company we see advertised. 
1. Insured

This is crucial! Make sure the company has their own insurance that will cover any damage done while they are on the job. You do not want to be in a situation where you have to pay out of your pocket for all the damages caused by the power washing workers or products that they use to clean your siding, sidewalks, or deck cleaning.

2. Efficiency

A good power washing company should naturally be efficient and work at a good speed. You do not want to have to call back the company to set up another appointment because they missed something, or call them back because they damaged something.

3. Quality

How is their quality? Have you seen photos of their work? How long will it last? Have you read reviews from local users specific to Arlington Virginia? It would be absolutely terrible to have to call the company again for another appointment because the work they did, didn’t stay clean long.

4. Equipment

Talk or even ask to take a look at their supplies and power washer that they will be using. Is it just a cheap one that you can pick up from your local home improvement store or does it look like they actually invested in nice machinery.

5. Reputation

How long have they been in business? Have you heard good things about this company? How reliable do they seem? You really want to see what others say about the company and overall make sure you get good feedback and awesome reviews.
6. Communication

Talk about the “just in case” situations. Verbally communicate and see what exactly will be done, what products will be used for pressure cleaning services, and if anything happens to your surrounding plants will they take responsibility and replace them. If anything were to happen on their time clock, you would want to know that the company would take full responsibility.

7. Enjoy

Now, we are talking about one of the best possible ways to clean the exterior of your home, decks, sidewalks, and driveway. This service is bound to bring satisfaction to its customers, of course when hiring the right company. Your house will look absolutely astounding afterwards and hiring a power washer is 100% recommended to keeping a beautiful exterior for your Arlington home.
Keeping these 7 useful tips in mind will help you tremendously when thinking of hiring a power washing company. When you come across one, trust your instincts if you get a good feeling about them.
Remember as well, we are always ready to help any current customer and new potential customers with any further questions you might have! Especially when it comes to power washing.

How to clean your roof safely in Arlington Va

How to clean your roof safely in Arlington Va

You walk outside on a beautiful sunny day, your enjoying the weather, looking around at your yard and everything looks pristine…. but then…. you look back up at your house and see streaks on your roof that have progressively gotten worst and mold that has begun to grow. You know at this moment action needs to take place.

If your thinking of grabbing your ladder and you want to try to clean it all off yourself, please keep in mind that safety is very important. You have to make sure that your ladder is stable, the ground below it is level, and your supplies are easy to access, perhaps on a hip belt like construction guys use for their hammer. Most important, wear boots to have good traction when doing the roof cleaning. Another thing, is to find the correct products for the problem you have, mold and mildew require stronger, more potentially dangerous chemicals than simple dust, pollen, or dirt build up.  Research what these chemicals will do to your plants and to your own health. When researching products think about how long this job will actually last. Unfortunately, with most products and diy roof cleaning, you will find at first they work great, and everything looks good, but then with time- the mold is back again and the whole process starts again. This is where the experience of a licensed power washing company in Arlington Va would come in handy

When keeping these tips in mind and the possibilities of what could eventually happen, you will be prepared to make the decision to either do it yourself or to leave it to the professionals. If you decide that you don’t want to do it yourself, call us! You will be guaranteed a safe, professional service that we promise will keep your roof clean, and in the long run a time and money saver.

A day in the life of a power washing company in Arlington

A day in the life of a power washing company in Arlington Virginia

First things first, with any successful power washing business, every person who owns a company wants to make sure that the quality is 110% on every job, whether you live in Arlington Virginia or not. The way to do this is to take time and train your employees. It may be very difficult to take the time to do this, but well needed and very necessary. By doing this, we all can be assured that there will be less problems and more satisfaction guaranteed.

Power Washing Company Arlington VA

Everyday of work is different. Different customers, different homes, but we always make sure we as a business stay the same, the same great quality. If we break down our day to day concerns and routine it looks like the following.

It all starts when we begin our day, not only do we want to have a good successful day of business but we daily communicate with our employees about our pressure cleaning customers being satisfied. We also talk with the employees because they have to be satisfied with their job as well. We verify that the employees are well trained, and we know our employees will give this job their best. I think it’s best to say :
Happy employees = Happy customers.

When arriving at the job, we want to make sure that with everything we do, we do it efficiently. Time is precious to us and in no way would we ever want to take unnecessary time to unload the supplies, get set up, and start the job. It takes time away from our customers and the job, and being an owner you know that time is precious. Our employees are very prompt and move quickly but very efficiently.

When our crew gets all set up and is ready to begin washing, safety is very important to us. Therefore, our workers will always come well dressed, and ready for the job to ensure safety and protection.

Finally, when finishing the job we guarantee customer satisfaction. We love to see the homeowners reaction when they first see the work, and how clean their siding or roof is, because they are always impressed. Again, we always make sure that the quality of our power washing or roof cleaning work is up to par for the homeowner and we will never leave with an unhappy customer. We love to make your home look 100x better than we came, and no worrying about your surrounding plants or your outdoor decor being damaged. We are very cautious and thorough with our work.

Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibilities and tasks but at the end of the day when you know your employees and customers are happy, you are confident that you can and will have a successful business.

5 Things to Think About When Hiring a Power Washing Company in Arlington, VA

5 Things to Think About When Hiring a Power Washing Company in Arlington, VA

At EcoTek Power Washing in Arlington, Virginia we pride ourselves on a job done right. If you are comparing power washing companies in the area, here is a list of 5 things to think about when hiring a power washing company.

1. Do they care enough to protect your property?

Do you worry that power washing could cause worn-out paint, bruised surfaces, damaged window seals, burnt-out electrical components and destroyed landscape? You should! Carelessness and rushed work can cause all of these things. A professional power washer will know exactly the right combination of pressure, volume and chemicals to use for each situation.

We know your home and belongings are valuable to you, and we work to protect them. We are nationally certified in “Soft Washing”, a power washing technique that can preserve your property while giving you the results that you seek.

2. Do they provide free pressure cleaning estimates?

Some Arlington power washing companies may charge for an estimate, simply to protect their own time and interests. Our priority is serving you, and we want to make sure that you are comfortable with us and with our rates. Never pay for an estimate. Get in touch for your free estimate for power washing in today.

3. Will they notice and care for the details?

It’s easy to rush through a job. Many power washing companies focus their effort on completing a job quickly rather than providing a quality cleaning. This is especially true for larger power washing companies in Arlington Virginia, who treat their customers as numbers rather than people.

Our customers often speak for us. Notice what one happy customer said about their cleaning work:

“Not only is the price right but the quality of work is exceptional. I am a very satisfied customer, will be using them again.’ Clare, April 2016”

4. Are they involved in any local Arlington VAand national business communities?

This point may seem like a small thing, but a lack of involvement in any of the power washing associations or business communities often indicates that the power washing company is not professional and does not take their work as seriously as they could. Watch out for people, disguised as “companies”, that do their power washing work “on the side.” They often lack the skill and experience necessary to give you the quality work that you need.

We are active members of the UAMCC, Community Association Institute and are Contributors to the Pressure Washing Resource Association.

5. Are they fully insured?

You will want to hire a power washing company that is fully insured to cover damage that may happen to your property. It costs the business extra to obtain, but it ultimately protects you, the customer, and is for your benefit. Protect yourself and choose a power washing company that is insured.

It is our goal to meet and exceed the standards described above. If you want a quality cleaning job done right from a professional power washing company, contact us today.