What are the different surfaces you can use a power washer on

What are the different surfaces you can use a power washer on?

What a time saver your Power Washer is! A pressure cleaning rig has so many uses that soon it will be your best buddy. Let’s take a look at some surfaces that will definitely save you a back ache and time using a power washer.

Cleaning Your Car

Using the power washer for cleaning your car is super easy, quick and enjoyable that you´ll look forward for the next car wash. Be careful you don´t use the highest pressure nozzle as it can literally take the paint off your car. First, you would wash the car with just water to make sure all the dirt is gone. Don’t forget to aim underneath the car to get all that caked-on dirt. Afterwards, apply car soap yourself or use the soap tip if you have one. Then use the low pressure tip nozzle to take the soap away.

Your Wooden Deck

Your power washer is a great way to clean a wood or composite deck. When you just hosted a barbeque, your deck ends up being sticky from pop, juice, wine and the dessert crumbs are stuck from being stepped on. Who really wants to manually clean that? Leave it to the pressure cleaning rig! It is amazing with wood house sidings, gazebos, stairs, wooden fences and outdoor wooden furniture. If you are planning on re-painting it can help take off the loose paint or help you prepare the surface for a new paint job. Just keep in mind when you just want to clean the surface use a low-pressure nozzle tip. Your Powerful wand can strip off the finish from the wood easily. Also, the water particles can embed themselves further inside the wood that can cause it to bend or rot over time. This is the reason you don´t combine detergent with a high-pressured nozzle when washing wooden surfaces. For a little help power washing your deck in Arlington, give Ecotek a call.

Your Greasy Barbeque Grill

Yes, guys love to take over the grill but do they love cleaning it after? The smell of grilled meat is just amazing as the grease and fat start melting away. That grease can stay in there for a long time if you don´t clean your grill after every use. It’s a huge pain to clean in manually. But the power washer is a life changer. Here’s how to clean your grill. Make sure it is disconnected from the propane tank or a natural gas line. It would be wise to start with a wider nozzle tip (45 degrees) to get the loose grease, grime and fat. Then add a strong degreaser and let it sit there for at least a few minutes. Use a stronger spray to remove the harder stains. As you removed all that grime you can rinse it down back with a wider nozzle tip.

Keep Your Driveway Spotless

There is always a car that ends up leaking a little bit of oil and having oil stains on your driveway looks ugly. Your garage floor, walkways and your driveway can be very difficult to clean. But again, nothing can stop your that high pressure spray. When you use a higher pressure nozzle tip with detergent it can easily get that grease and oil stains leaving your driveway spotless.
Your Swimming Pool
Your pool or your Jacuzzi can easily build up mold during time. This is when buying a power washer that uses hot water will benefit you. If you get a unit that can produce steam you can quickly demolish mold and the surfaces will be microbe-free.
Adaptable to the Weak
Not only does that high pressure setup display mighty acts against strong material, it is considerate to fragile surfaces like glass. Do you have huge windows on the second level? Well your best buddy can be strong enough to take the dirt but gently at the same time. Most of all, it cleans fairly fast on those big windows when using a wide angle nozzle tip.
Perfect for Boats
If you own a boat this s your answer. No doubt it is a lot of work to clean and maintain a boat. You have materials like metal, wood, glass and fiberglass on your boat but with the proper tip it is versatile to clean all those surfaces. Just be aware of what kind of nozzle you should use for each material.
There you have it; a power washer is an amazing tool to own for a homeowner. It saves you a lot of time as it gets the job done for many different surfaces in more than the half amount of time doing it by hand. If it is your first time owning one, read about the other blog on the different types of nozzle tips and its uses so you can fully use this tool to its full potential.