Why Choose Professional Power Washing Arlington Virginia

Why Choose Professional Power Washing in Arlington Virginia:

When it comes to house projects we all just initially want to do them ourselves. Time after time though, we may start to realize that we need the professionals help.

What is Power Washing and Soft Washing?:

We use an upscale, professional grade power washer to pressurize water, using it on just about any surface. Some places really need or can handle more pressure so we make sure to adjust the needed pressure for the task. We also use a variety of different sized nozzles to ensure that we are being as efficient and safe as possible. But vinyl siding and near windows needs a more gentle approach, so using the same powerful machines, we spread out the power over many feet, so we can be done your home fast, while barely hitting your house with any psi from the pressure washing wand.

When misused you can really do some damage to your home and it’s surroundings, which is why we recommend leaving this task to those who are trained and insured in this profession.

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The Benefits:

Everyone has their own opinion about power washing. We have found that the majority of people love it and the other small percentile of people are just the ones who haven’t tried it yet. We are confident you will not be disappointed in the results. With the right equipment and knowledge of using a power washer, even the most difficult stains can and will be removed from your siding or roof cleaning.

We all know when it comes to spring cleaning you tend to notice some areas that over the years have collected quite the amount of dirt. But, when you choose to power wash, those small crevices that cannot be reached by tool or hand will be blasted out by the right amount of pressure! Also what many people think is dirt, may actually be mold and algae, especially if it forms on the north side, or less sunny side of your house or roof. This mold will prematurely age your roof, and just makes the siding look bad and may pose a allergen response, especially in children who play outside near the home.

Hiring the Professionals:

There is a few benefits of handling the power washer yourself and trying to accomplish the job on your own. Then, when we start to think of safety, time, and quality- we realize just how much easier it would be to leave this project for the professionals to take care of.

When you use a power washer, the pressure that fires out is so powerful, if used improperly and misdirected it could actually damage the skin in an instant. Bruises and eye injuries are also very common.

Power washers really are not the hardest thing to figure out how to use, but the time invested in researching a good quality one, and effectively using it can be very time consuming.

If you happen to be in this predicament, give us a call. Our company, EcoTek Power Washing of Arlington Virginia is reliable, quick, and extremely efficient. Our goal is to provide high quality professional service at an affordable rate. We want to make it possible so everyone can receive the much needed “TLC” for their homes. Call us for a free estimate, you won’t be disappointed!

Your clean is our reputation!