How to clean your roof safely in Arlington Va

How to clean your roof safely in Arlington Va

You walk outside on a beautiful sunny day, your enjoying the weather, looking around at your yard and everything looks pristine…. but then…. you look back up at your house and see streaks on your roof that have progressively gotten worst and mold that has begun to grow. You know at this moment action needs to take place.

If your thinking of grabbing your ladder and you want to try to clean it all off yourself, please keep in mind that safety is very important. You have to make sure that your ladder is stable, the ground below it is level, and your supplies are easy to access, perhaps on a hip belt like construction guys use for their hammer. Most important, wear boots to have good traction when doing the roof cleaning. Another thing, is to find the correct products for the problem you have, mold and mildew require stronger, more potentially dangerous chemicals than simple dust, pollen, or dirt build up.  Research what these chemicals will do to your plants and to your own health. When researching products think about how long this job will actually last. Unfortunately, with most products and diy roof cleaning, you will find at first they work great, and everything looks good, but then with time- the mold is back again and the whole process starts again. This is where the experience of a licensed power washing company in Arlington Va would come in handy

When keeping these tips in mind and the possibilities of what could eventually happen, you will be prepared to make the decision to either do it yourself or to leave it to the professionals. If you decide that you don’t want to do it yourself, call us! You will be guaranteed a safe, professional service that we promise will keep your roof clean, and in the long run a time and money saver.

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