Spring Cleaning The Exterior of Your Home

Beautiful home showing how clean your home will be when you spring clean it. It has a clean roof, gutters and freshly washed siding.

Beautiful home showing how clean your home will be when you spring clean it. It has a clean roof, gutters and freshly washed siding.

Spring Cleaning The Exterior of Your Home


The wintertime is finally over, the weather is warming up, and the flowers begin to bloom, we may begin to see the effects this past winter has had on our home. We know that the spring time is the absolute perfect time to get our house back in shape for all those fun summer BBQ’s, activities, and parties. It may seem overwhelming to think about what we may need to accomplish, but we can help you with that.

Let’s start with having a good idea of what is fully involved in the spring cleaning of your home.

Cleaning our roof.

First, we would want to check out the roof. How are the shingles? Do You still have a few years left before needing to replace them completely? Or do you simply just need to remove those stubborn roof stains? Or possibly even to remove mold. Do you need to take out the blower and toss of the few sticks and branches? You may be surprised that a good roof cleaning could just do the trick that you need to make a difference in the appearance of your entire home.

Gutter cleaning.

Second, let’s take a look at the gutters around the home. How full are they? Is the water draining like it is designed to do? Or possibly our gutters could be so full that we need to grab our ladder and try to remove as much of that muck as we can. Sometimes the outside of our gutters also need a good cleaning. Usually a cloth and some spray to help with stains or mold will do the trick.

Power washing

Third, how is the siding of your home? Is there a few things that need to be touched up with paint? We may even discover mold and streaks of dirt on the outside of our homes. The longer that stays on there the harder it will be to remove, so really pay attention to the lower half of your home and stay on top of any stains you may see. Thankfully there is an effective way to clean up the exterior and make it look new again. Power washing is the perfect method of doing just that. When you choose to power wash, it really is a fast and easy way to remove all the unwanted debris and stains that is really aging our home. It can remove the dirt in minutes!

Hard water stains on windows.

Next, we’ll need to look at our windows. We may find that there could be broken window seals that have caused our windows to create moisture in between the glass and will eventually need to be replaced completely. Also, another very common thing to find is the lovely hard water stains that our sprinklers might have left behind. We might think that they are impossible to get rid of, but I will say we can and will have success! Try mixing a solution of dish soap, warm water, and a generous pour of white vinegar. Mix it and then apply to window with an official window cleaning applicator or just a cloth. Leave it on the window for a few minutes and then use a squeegee to remove access water. The vinegar will try its best to work at those stubborn stains. If that doesn’t work, we should hire the professionals to use a professional grade window cleaning blade on the window to remove the remaining spots. It doesn’t scratch or hurt the glass in anyway, It will just do its best at removing those stubborn stains.

Spray for insects.

After we get our roof, siding, and windows all nice and clean we can look for a good reliable company to come and spray for bugs. We all know how bad it can be when the heat comes and all the critters want to make a nice cool home indoors. But by spraying the exterior of your home that will ensure that the majority of the bugs stay outside where they belong.

Concrete stains.

Now that we know our house can be all spruced up, we pull our car out of the garage thinking everything is finally looking good, and only to find see that concrete whether inside the garage or the concrete on the exterior of our home has streaks and stains of rust. Is it really possible to remove? The answer is yes. Just like those stubborn hard water stains on the windows, rust as well can be removed with white vinegar. You will need a bucket of warm water, white vinegar, and a hard nylon bristled brush for the smooth surfaces where you do not wish to remove the top layer of paint or the top layer of paste that will expose the aggregate material beneath. Apply mixture to the stains and let sit for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, slowly rub in a circular motion carefully not rubbing too hard therefore removing the paint. Then rinse with cold water.

With seeing down in writing what we can do to really spruce up the exterior of our homes, we can and will be ready for those fun summer festivities.