How to Use a Squeegee to Speed Up Glass Cleaning Jobs

squeegee in hand to clean glass of dirt

When it comes to  cleaning glass many people have different ways they like to do so, such as:

  • Classic Method – Cleaning with Paper Towels. 

  • Wiping with Newspaper 

  • Spraying a Streak Free Solution and Then Rinsing it off 

  • Use of a Squeegee 

It’s safe to say the best and fastest method out of the above mentioned: is that of using a squeegee. 

What does it accomplish? 

By using a squeegee you are able to completely remove anything that may cause your window to look filthy. Including: dirt, smudges, and streaks. Most of the methods above leave behind some trail showing that you were trying to clean your windows. When you use a squeegee properly, it can give the best results leaving your glass looking like new! 

Why does it work best? 

Not only does it get the glass cleaner  but it helps you get the job done fast. When you use something to wipe the glass your constantly going over and over the window to make sure there is no debris of paper towel behind or any markings you might have missed. A squeegee is promised to leave the glass looking good as new. 

How do you do it? 

It’s all about the wrist. When you are cleaning a window you need to get the hang of it down to clean it all in one movement. Instead of sliding the squeegee across the glass and then lifting it up to start over, there are better ways to clean it better to ensure streak free results. It really is all about movement when it comes to cleaning glass. Keep in mind when preparing to clean the window your objective is to figure out a way to get the solution off the window in one single movement- without leaving any water behind. Some people find if they start by moving the squeegee to the top two corners and then working their way down it works fairly easy. You can also use an up and down method. Whatever way you choose to remove the water always make sure to clean the edges preventing it from dripping onto your clean dry glass. 

Overall Analysis

It saves time, energy, and it’s easy. Once you get into the swing of it you will be cleaning windows in half the time. You will realize how much better it is than using the wiping method and the classic spray on window and rinse of method- Which will leave behind streaking. Whereas cleaning with a squeegee is time efficient and no streaks are left when done properly.