Upstream Injectors Save Time & Money

Yellow power washing machine with wand connected spraying water onto wall.

Many people that are new in the business tend to stay away from one of the most efficient power cleaning tools, “Upstream Injectors.” It is way more common to use downstream injectors instead. But what most people do not realize is how using upstream Injectors will save you time and money.

Uses :

Typically when cleaning we are looking at mold, dirt, streaks and stains. When we think about the steps of cleaning it the most efficient way, we want to know we are taking full advantage and using the best tools possible for the job.

Using an upstream injector is great for working with stains and dirt that has been embedded into the surface. Especially areas that are sensitive to strong chemicals that in the long run will end up doing more damage than it did any good. This type of injector is designed to be used with MILD soaps. The soap will run through the pump and be applied at high pressure and we will slowly raise the temperature.

Now you have :

1. Gentle but an aggressive cleaning product

2. Pressure

3. Temperature

All three elements share a part in working harder together to get the surface looking good as new.

Keep in mind: Check with your pressure
washing pump and find out if it can handle chemicals running through it. On most pumpsit WILL cause damage. We suggest using mild soaps and to stay far away from using acids and strong detergents.

Benefits :

Using an upstream injector allows you to reach up to 40ft high. You will have all your tools and machinery on the ground and know that you are safe. You will be able to reach those hard to get places quickly and easily and still have your feet on the ground.
Also this method of power washing really saves you time. Not only is it more efficient when reaching high spots, but it really is thorough. Again with the combination of the pressure that is being used and the warm-hot temperature creates the best way to get that clean surface back. It does so in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Getting the results you want right away is a plus because you won’t have to keep repeating your steps to try to get it clean, therefore wasting more product and more valuable time. Because after all, time is money right?