5 Things to Think About When Hiring a Power Washing Company in Arlington, VA

5 Things to Think About When Hiring a Power Washing Company in Arlington, VA

At EcoTek Power Washing in Arlington, Virginia we pride ourselves on a job done right. If you are comparing power washing companies in the area, here is a list of 5 things to think about when hiring a power washing company.

1. Do they care enough to protect your property?

Do you worry that power washing could cause worn-out paint, bruised surfaces, damaged window seals, burnt-out electrical components and destroyed landscape? You should! Carelessness and rushed work can cause all of these things. A professional power washer will know exactly the right combination of pressure, volume and chemicals to use for each situation.

We know your home and belongings are valuable to you, and we work to protect them. We are nationally certified in “Soft Washing”, a power washing technique that can preserve your property while giving you the results that you seek.

2. Do they provide free pressure cleaning estimates?

Some Arlington power washing companies may charge for an estimate, simply to protect their own time and interests. Our priority is serving you, and we want to make sure that you are comfortable with us and with our rates. Never pay for an estimate. Get in touch for your free estimate for power washing in today.

3. Will they notice and care for the details?

It’s easy to rush through a job. Many power washing companies focus their effort on completing a job quickly rather than providing a quality cleaning. This is especially true for larger power washing companies in Arlington Virginia, who treat their customers as numbers rather than people.

Our customers often speak for us. Notice what one happy customer said about their cleaning work:

“Not only is the price right but the quality of work is exceptional. I am a very satisfied customer, will be using them again.’ Clare, April 2016”

4. Are they involved in any local Arlington VAand national business communities?

This point may seem like a small thing, but a lack of involvement in any of the power washing associations or business communities often indicates that the power washing company is not professional and does not take their work as seriously as they could. Watch out for people, disguised as “companies”, that do their power washing work “on the side.” They often lack the skill and experience necessary to give you the quality work that you need.

We are active members of the UAMCC, Community Association Institute and are Contributors to the Pressure Washing Resource Association.

5. Are they fully insured?

You will want to hire a power washing company that is fully insured to cover damage that may happen to your property. It costs the business extra to obtain, but it ultimately protects you, the customer, and is for your benefit. Protect yourself and choose a power washing company that is insured.

It is our goal to meet and exceed the standards described above. If you want a quality cleaning job done right from a professional power washing company, contact us today.