Choosing the right power washing nozzle or tip

We have the pressure washer set up, all ready to go, and then we realize all that we have is the machine. Yes, the power washer itself is just 1/2 of what you actually need to get started, it’s only the part that will be pumping a high pressure of water through a wand. What we really need to learn is the correct nozzle we should use, to be the most effective and to achieve the best results.

Here’s a quick look into 5 different types of universal power washing nozzles to help clean any surface, whether its concrete, siding or a wood deck. It can be tricky to learn the different spray tips, but we tried to make it as simple as possible- even color coated.

Here we have the red tip. Which is a 0 degree extremely concentrated spray. You really do have to be careful using this tip, because it can damage sensitive or soft surfaces. Do not use on wood or painted surfaces unless you are trying to remove the paint. It has the power to scratch some surfaces due to the high intensity so using it on siding is NOT recommended unless it is several stories high and you’re using this tip to reach the third story.

Now the next tip we use, disperses out water with a 15 degree spray pattern. This is best used for concrete, and also used when removing mildew stains. Keep in mind when using this tip, to achieve the best results we choose not to use it with chemicals or detergents, because it can eventually lead to the chemicals being embedded in small crevices.

This tip has a 25 degree spray pattern. Fast and easy to use for large areas! It works really well on vinyl siding from a moderate distance, decks, walkways, patios, sweeping leaves and if used correctly, you can use it when cleaning outdoor furniture. Ca

One of the most diverse nozzles is the white tip. It has a spray pattern of 40 degrees. It can be used to clean delicate surfaces. Such as, aluminum siding, wood, vinyl, and vehicles. This is one of the most commonly used nozzles and can be used on vinyl siding at closer distances.

Lastly, we have the black tip. It has a spray pattern of 65 degrees and sprays with a very gentle stream. Power washers usually use this tip when needing to prepare or presoak the surface for the official cleaning.
Knowing exactly what type of tip to use is crucial. Potentially a short task could turn into being a longer one if the wrong nozzle is used. Keeping this color coated cheat sheet will help ensure efficiency and effectiveness for any job.